Ever Brite LED review

The most heavy duty flashlight

Why you are looking for The most heavy duty flashlight?

If you're looking for The most heavy duty flashlight , you're in the right place. I damaged a lot of flashlights because it can not hold out the hard work. If the lamp fall in, it's broken easily , which makes me looking for a strong flashlight.
I experimented with many species until I found this flashlight that make me feel reassured when I was using it. Even if it fall in, nothing happens to it and it's ready to work at full efficiency.
This flashlight is manufactured by the presence of many props that protect it from all directions because it is made of Rubberized aluminum case for impact-resistance, water-proof and shock-proof.

In the bottom my full review based on my experience with using it for a long time .

Ever Brite LED


50 Lumens.

The Battery

2* AA Alkaline Batteries( included)

Run time: Up to 3.5-hour run time.

beam distance can run up to 40 meters.


8.3 x 3.3 x 3.3 inches


1- Unbelievable flashlight for the price.

2- Beautiful design.

3- Very durable.

4- The most heavy duty flashlight i have used.




Not suitable with high brightness needs.

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