The best flashlight for hiking

the best flashlight for hiking is very essential issue if you decide to go on a hike, especially if you planning a night hike,  your cellphone flash is good but not enough if you want to hike as a professional.


Why you have to take a good flashlight when you go hiking?

a good flash helps to save your life and keep you save when you hiking at night , So I have some standards :

1 - The Size :

It should to be a small and light, because you will carry it for along time.

2 - The Batteries :

It should helps you to use it for a long time after charged or replace it, So you can choose it with a AA or AAA type.

3 - The Material :

It should be a light and strong, So I recommend the Titanium housing .  The stainless steel housing is strong and cheaper than titanium, but it's heaver. The plastic housing is the cheapest one, but is the weakest too.

So, If you looking for a flashlight as a investment, I recommend the Titanium housing. If you has a low budget, I recommend the stainless steel housing.

The different types of flashlight you can use with hiking

1- Hand-held


The most populare and commen type, because it's easy to carry and use.

2- Backpack


You can clip it to your shoulder, and leave your hands free.

3- Headlamps


It's leave your hands free, and reflex the light in front of you with your head direction, it's amazing for sudden issues.


Choose your type you want




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