Tactical flashlight reviews, Top 5 Buyer’s Guide

The Best Tactical flashlight reviews – Customers reviews

This tactical flashlight reviews article will cover the best tactical flashlight from buyer’s customer’s reviews, please complete reading the article to get an idea about this type of flashlight, I also will review many brands to have the best information about all tactical flashlight.

Let’s Start for Top 12 tactical flashlight reviews:

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1- Shadowhawk x800 tactical flashlight reviews

Best AAA flashlight 1024x576 - Tactical flashlight reviews, Top 5 Buyer's Guide

The Shadowhawk tactical x800 flashlight has a pretty nice little case, and it has the main flashlight has the charging.

The battery

One of the customer’s reviews says the battery doesn’t stay charged very long time, however, but Shadowhawk tactical x800 flashlight is a great little flashlight. Charging takes less than 5 hours, charging takes sometimes as much as 15 hours or more. I advise you to go online and get a Shadowhawk tactical x800 flashlight replacement battery to keep it charged all the time. Overall, this tactical flashlight has a nice size and excellent light.


Super Brightness over the length of two football fields (660 ft / 200 m) and it can reach nearly 1000 ft. 1200-lumen (max), The flashlight is Fully zoomable from wide to narrow beam and has five adjustable settings: High / Medium / Low / Strobe / SOS.

Shadowhawk X800 has long-lasting with Up to 6 hours (Medium-beam mode) of power, after testing the flash it is non-diminishing brightness from the included rechargeable with up to 2600mAh battery.

The LEDs have boasted an extended 50000-hour lifespan. The Recharge term is just 6 hours with chargers included.

Use the zoom feature included in the tactical flashlight to get a light view for walking or a full view of your surroundings when using this tactical flashlight. It keeps working in heavy rain and all-Weather conditions(Please do not immerse in water for a long time).

2- x700 tactical flashlight reviews

x700 tactical flashlight 1024x576 - Tactical flashlight reviews, Top 5 Buyer's Guide

The Eagle Eye X700 is a high-performance tactical flashlight boasting high durability, three different illumination settings, strobe and SOS mode, and high battery life. 

The Eagle Eye X700 is made from aircraft-grade aluminium, which means you never have to worry about it breaking. The Eagle Eye X700 has a brightness rating of 1200 Lumen, allowing you to see in the darkest of environments. It is safe to say that this light will help in many situations with five different illumination modes. It has greatly exceeded our expectations, and we would recommend it as an essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts or anyone that needs a high-performance flashlight.

The bright Eagle Eye X700 is designed for rugged use thanks to its sturdy construction. The body of the Flashlight is aircraft-grade aluminium that must be military-grade hard-anodized finished. The head of the Flashlight looks a bit large, significantly more significant than the small types. The head contains a strike bezel. The glass defending the LEDs is toughened ultra-clear crystal glass with an anti-reflective coat. It does possess ergonomic flutes, an anti-roll feature, and heat sinks. It lives up to its namesake by providing light with n eagle eye focus through its modern LED electric lamp pattern. The Eagle eye provides the brightest vision irrespective of the spot or season day. It seems to be the best tactical Flashlight for all to use. It has reverse polarity protection.

The Eagle Eye X700 has two buttons: one button is for high light and the other one for the strobe features. it is an excellent feature because it avoids the inaccurate double-clicking feature that most flashlights need for additional features. Additionally, a turbo lumens mode will boost the intensity of light from the Flashlight, but it is not advised to use this mode for too long to avoid possible eye damage from the strength of the light. One of the most useful features is a low lumen mode. The Flashlight can operate for 30 hours continuously, so you never have to worry about running out of light when working under the hood of the car or going out camping again.

We have tried other similar products, but most do not come anywhere near the Eagle Eye X700 in durability, functionality, or performance.

You can purchase the Eagle Eye X700 tactical flashlight and see its performance for yourself by visiting Amazon.

Additional Features

  • 1200 Lumen output places it at one of the brightest flashlights available.
  • There’s no need to worry about seeing in the dark with the incredibly bright light of the Eagle Eye X700. Illuminate in any conditions.
  • Telescoping Focus at 1x-2000x.
  • With its advanced focusing feature, you can fine-tune the light from your Eagle Eye X700.
  • IP65 Standard waterproof Tactical Flashlight.
  • The Flashlight is utterly waterproof for full protection from the elements. Whether you need to use it in rain or wet conditions, the Eagle Eye X700 won’t fail you.
  • Maintain constant brightness via digitally regulated output.
  • With its digital control, the Eagle Eye X700 can keep its brightness regulated accurately.
  • Avoid high-temperature of the facade with overheat strength technology.
  • With a flashlight this powerful, you might worry about heat building, but thanks to the Eagle Eye’s safety technology, you won’t have to worry about overheating.
  • Remote momentary-on tactical tail switch and constant on function.
  • Additional features allow you to use your Eagle Eye X700 exactly how you want to, and they make the Eagle Eye one of the most advanced flashlights on the planet.
  • Anti-roll, slip-resistant body design for gripping.
  • Thanks to the high-quality construction, you can maintain a firm grip in any condition.
  • Comprised of durable aircraft-grade aluminium alloy.
  • The super durable materials of this Flashlight are designed to withstand the test of time.

Best Situations to Use Your Eagle Eye X700

Camping and Outdoor Sports

Anyone that is an avid fan of the outdoors and camping could find the Eagle Eye X700 flashlight to be of great benefit. It illuminating your campground or inside a tent, having a strong flashlight on any outdoor excursion is always recommended.

Thanks to the waterproof construction of the Eagle Eye X700, you can rest assured that your Flashlight will last under any condition. There’s no need to see in the dark anymore with the powerful illumination of the Eagle Eye X700. The Eagle Eye X700 is one of the best items you can take with you on your next outdoor excursion when it comes to reliability and safety.

Working in Dimly Lit Areas

If you do work, which requires precision and care indoors, you might find yourself in low light conditions at times. Whether you are dabbling in auto repair or trying to fix some delicate equipment, it is essential to get a clear view of the task at hand. With the Eagle Eye X700, you will be able to illuminate every dark corner and space necessary to finish your work. Never worry about missing any details again thanks to the incredibly powerful illumination of the Eagle Eye X700.

Protecting Yourself From Home Invasion

Using a powerful, tactical flashlight such as the Eagle Eye X700, you can help defend yourself against criminals. The compelling light of the Flashlight can aid in stunning or incapacitating would-be home invaders or burglars. The durable aluminium construction of the Eagle Eye will also allow it to double as a baton if the worst comes to worst and you must defend yourself against an attacker.

Picking Up After Your Dog at Night

When taking out your furry companions for an evening walk, it can sometimes be difficult to see where exactly they have done their business. Using a powerful and handy flashlight like the Eagle Eye X700, you can take the guesswork out of clean-up. With its bright light, this Flashlight makes the perfect accompaniment for those late-night dog walks.

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3- tactical g700 flashlight 700 lumens reviews

tactical g700 flashlight 1024x576 - Tactical flashlight reviews, Top 5 Buyer's Guide

today I’m looking at the Lumitact G700 flashlight. And, right off the bat, I’ve got to tell you, It is a cheaply made, subpar flashlight with some incredible advertising surrounding it, which is maybe the big seller.

The next thing that this flashlight boasts about is the light 700 lumens from which the G700 gets its name. The G700’s 700 lumens is not bad. Seven hundred lumens is not an insufficient amount of power for a flashlight.

The brightest military flashlight in the world,” and that’s wrong. Saying regular LED flashlights have your 120, 300 to 400 lumens and then there’s something there showing the G700 at 700 lumens, this represents the G700 as being at the top of the brightness game for flashlights of its size, and that’s just wildly incorrect.

Plenty of flashlights of the same size and much more durable have more excellent brightness. The Klarus XT11GT has 2000 lumens.

There’s plenty of Nitecore lights and Olight brand flashlights, which can boast the same. So, I would say that the norm for brightness for a light of this size, at this point in the industry, is about 1000 lumens, maybe more.

The LED industry has seen a lot of change over the last few years. Lights are getting brighter, almost every day it seems. Seven hundred lumens is not the best; it’s a little bit below average. Don’t be taken in by this claim that at 700 lumens it’s the brightest military flashlight in the world.

As far as a combat design, the G700 does seem to be produced from the aircraft-grade aluminium standard in the tactical flashlight market. So, you can’t fault it for that. It is tough enough that you should be able to run it over with a car.

Calling it, tough, durable, and indestructible beyond any measure is again, such a wild exaggeration, that it’s false. It’s not enough for a flashlight to have a durable casing. That’s just the start.

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