The best deal for lantern flashlight 2019

The best deal for lantern flashlight 2019

If you looking for the best deal for lantern flashlight 2019 .. this is it..

I highly recommend these small but powerful lanterns, they are compact and well made that emit powerful illumination, whats really nice about them is the option to brighten or dim the radiance, simply by extending the built in telescoping feature to the desired light volume position, its so simple and practicle, yet useful and brilliant. My wife puchased several of these for gifts at our families annual reunion camp out gathering where everyone participates in a white elephant gift exchange, everyone loves these compact lanterns and they tend to continually pass hands as the gift exchange proceeds, and the disire to end up the proud owner of one of these sweet little highly coveted units increases, it is actually quite amusing to witness the effect these lanterns have in folks.

They'd probably serve well SECURED in the trunk of a car for a just-in-case application like a flat. I wouldn't use them in my garage for changing oil -- I have a far more rugged rechargeable trouble-light for that -- but I could see changing a roadside flat using one of these. Major advantage over a Maglite -- I wouldn't have to hold it. Major disadvantage -- omni-directional and very bright light, so I'd need to put it behind me and off to one side to do the work.

They are waterproof: One of ours was in the rain for days. No issues.
Energy efficient: Totally true. I forgot ours (in the garage) on for more than 2 days... Came back, the lights were a bit dimmed - but the lil thing was still working!
You can control the amount of light intensity, by pulling it up all the way, or half/quarter way for less light - pretty cool!
Small, practical, durable, efficient.

These lanterns are great for the value... This is the best deal for lantern flashlight 2019..


Etekcity 4 Pack Portable LED Camping Lantern Flashlight




12 aa batteries ( Included )

Brilliant Energy Efficient
Light up the evening sky with Etekcity ’ s Portable Outdoor LED Lantern. It features an omni-directional design and 30 energy saving LED bulbs, yielding 360 degree of high-intensity, long-lasting illuminance. The low power consumption allows you to keep the lantern a glow in regular brightness for up to 12 hours. When the battery power of the lantern runs low, the brightness will dim to an energy saving mode to provide longer lasting illumination (up to 4 hours of low power usage)


7.4 x 5.4 x 7.2 inches


1- Compact size (see others photos) - These are about the same size as a large consumer can (not a #10 commercial) of soup!
2- Good light output for their size
3- "Adjustable" light output (more details in the comments below)
4- Easy to carry or to hang as needed
5- Run on 3 "AA" batteries
6- Good battery life

7- 90-day return refund guarantee, 10-year warranty and lifetime supported by Etekcity. FCC, ROHS certified


1- The sliding mechanism does not keep shut (and keep the light off) when I hang the lamp. Gravity pulls it down so the light is on even when I just hang it for future use. It would be great if the manufacturer can add a latch to the lamp to clamp it shut while not in use.

2- Easy to open further than desired thus releasing more light than needed
3- Light is the typical blue-white of LEDs
4- Emitted light has a x like pattern of shadow