ever brite 2 in 1

The best Backpack flashlight

The best Backpack flashlight

Why do you need the best backpack flashlight?

if you planning to camp or night hiking, then you need a good backpack flashlight to make your hand free .

this is a review for the best backpack flashlight that i found "EverBrite 2-in-1"

The new LED’s are so bright compared to the incandescent bulbs, it’s night and day different. The EverBrite Super Bright Tactical Flashlight is just that…really bright. I do not recommend looking into the light however I did and after a few minutes my vision came back and I can now write this review. The light feels good in your hand. It has a nice grip and is not heavy. A neat feature is the magnetized bottom so you can mount the light on any metal object and go hands free. I really like the fact that the light came with the battery and it was charged. The swivel head is great to point the light when you use the magnetic mount. Two intensity levels for the normal light. Then I realized it had a UV light. If you are not familiar with UV…don’t go looking for urine because you will find it. I got curious and checked my kids bathroom. Okay… I’m firing my house cleaner. With the UV light I could see some “stuff” on the toilet that made me throw up in my mouth a little (see image). I must say, the light works great and I use it all the time. I am an avid hiker and this flashlight is lightweight and bright. The only complaint is the included charging cable which is very short and cheap.

Ever Brite 2 in 1


250 lumens

The Battery

1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Flexible pivoting head This design will not only liberate your hands, but also make your use more convenient, you just need to adjust to the angle form 0 °to 90 °as you need, which will also improve your work efficiency with a magnetic tail cap and pocket Clip.

low-high. Ultra-violet light: 395nm UV light. No matter which mode is on, the UV will light up just by pressing the switch button more than 1 second. Battery more than 70% show green button, less than 30% shows red.

UV light great for commercial/works/domestic use such as oil leakage check,scratch check, pet’s urine and bed bug detector, stains detector and so on. The white light suitable for hiking, camping or hunting.

IP65 rated waterproof, all-weather resistant and 1.5 M shockproof for use in any conditions.


8.2 x 4.1 x 1.7 inches


1- Lightweight and useful
2- Bright, Bright, Bright. Two selections of intensity
3- UV light for the explorer in you….
4- Swivel head and magnetic base

The charging cable. EverBright should include a higher quality and longer charging cable.
Belt loop carry case for the light should be included.

Nicron B70

best backpack flashlight

The best backpack flashlight

This has got to be one of the most useful flashlights I have ever owned and I have a trunk full of them. Small, rechargeable, swivel head, magnetized, green and red light built in. I do a lot of work at night and need the red light to save my night vision. This one has the green and red led's builtin so you don't need to change out any lens filters. It's a little pricey but I don't mind paying for quality and usefulness. Highly recommended. This one is a keeper.

Really like the magnet and the turning ability.


Nicron B70



The Battery

1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

  • Intelligent power reminder: switch light flashing judgment (0% red flashing 1 time - more than 25% flashing 2 times - more than 50% flashing 3 times - more than 75% 4 times - charging is completed to turn green), switch power reminder (100% green -40% yellow -20% red ray -10% - 5% red ray flashing).
  • Super bright and long life: Easily illuminate the entire room or focus on objects over 670 feet! 10 times brighter than the old incandescent lamp. The flashlight can be easily powered for hours using a 1865 rechargeable battery.
  • Waterproof to IP65, designed for heavy rain.
  • NICRON's powerful technology allows the flashlight to contain 3 colors without color - white for daily work lighting, green for remote calls - red for accidents or repairs.
  • 90 degree rotation and magnetic tail cap size and steel body clips.


6.4 x 1.1 x 1.1 inches


Flashlight is bright.

The magnet is very strong.

The thing is well build metal.

It is rechargeable so don't have to waste money replacing batteries.


Backpack flashlight Review

Backpack flashlight Review

This review for Nicron N7 "Backpack flashlight review"

Several days of online research, comparing specs, reading reviews, lead me to the Nicron N7. This is to replace a 5 year old Nebo Redline 5620 which has served me well. I had originally wanted a light that used the 18650 battery but after seeing this and considering how often I carried the Nebo in my pocket I decided the smaller size would be better.
I required a light with a magnetic base, at least 300 lumens, rechargeable li-ion battery capable, side light or rotatable head, and zoomable lens. This light fit all criteria except for the zoom, which I decided I could live without after seeing pictures of the beam pattern. The wide overall beam with a center hot spot would be suitable for my use. I tested it first with a standard AA battery then with a 800mah 14500 battery. The output on high with the AA battery looks equivalent to the output on low with the 14500. The magnetic base is strong and holds the light well. It is not easily bumped off. The head rotation feels smooth and can be left in any position between 0 and 90 degrees. Overall the light feels well made. The switch has a nice solid click that requires medium pressure to activate. Hopefully enough pressure to where accidental activation does not happen often in my pocket or backpack. The included o-ring in the box is actually a spare as there is already one installed on the light. I have included my 300 lumen Nebo in the pictures for comparison. This light cost about 1/3 of the Nebo so I think the value is great. Compared to other lights I researched, one of the nice, possibly overlooked features of this light is the way the switch operates. Many other lights make you cycle through ALL of the light modes, requiring many clicks to get back to the one you want. I like the way the N7 put the lesser used strobe and sos modes on a separate level accessed by holding the button for a couple seconds. So in normal daily operation, you only have 3 clicks total. High, low, off. I may come back and update this review after some time to report on battery life and durability.

The Nicron flashlight makes an ideal companion. It's about an inch in diameter and 4.5 inches long - only slightly bigger than my Leatherman. With a 14500 rechargeable battery, the light is painfully bright. If you shine it in your eyes, you will be seeing spots for quite a while. I left it on high and it ran for more than half an hour - by then it was pretty warm. It will also run with a single AA battery. Less bright, but still a good flashlight. The rotating head and magnet in the base mean that you can stick it on a metal surface and point it in any direction. Or you can twist it to 90 deg and clip it to your pocket for hands-free work. For a poor man's headlamp, you can clip it to the brim of a baseball cap. The button switch is also well thought-out: a click gives you bright, second click dims it, third is off. Hold the button down, and you'll get strobe in about 2-3 seconds. Then a second click goes from strobe to SOS. It appears to be very well made and more solid (and smaller) than the mini maglight it replaced, but I've only had it a few weeks. I'll probably lose it before I break it. I already have a good light for my bike, but this would be really easy to attach to the handlebars and more than bright enough to light the way. If they don't already, Nicron should offer a bike clip.


Nicron N7


600 Lumens

The Battery

a single 14500 rechargeable battery or a single AA battery (Not Including Batteries)


4.4 x 0.8 x 0.8 inches


1. Right angle flashlight when combined with the clip works similar to a headlamp because it will point in whatever direction you are facing if you attach it to a belt, shirt pocket, or even shirt collar maybe. The clip can also rotate so you can change the angel of the light as well after you got it clipped to you.
2. Magnetic base is strong and works great for things like automobile or other metal things.
3. Ability to change it to a standard shaped flashlight is great.


1. I prefer more of a flood light. This light has a bit of a spot to it, though this might have some advantages. This may just be a preference thing though.
2. How long this will last for the price, especially given the extra moving part that makes it go from standard shape to right angle. If that is something that will give out over time might be better, for my preference, to have a solid right angle only flashlight.

brightest flashlight




Are you trying to find the brightest flashlight? For this huge article we well decided to organize the brightest flashlights by battery type, and quantity,. But, before we go to start we want to cover the different ways that light output is measured for flashlights and choose on one of the measurements. another side note is that we want to try and offer each the brightest led flashlight based on battery and a budget alternative that's significantly bright however at a much better price point. For this particular article that wasn't continually possible since the foremost powerful flashlight was additionally within the lowest general price range and any of the considerably lower priced options weren't bright for the category.


**Below is our more detailed reviews. Click the links above to check current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

How Is Brightness Measured?

The flashlight industry, is quickly want and trying to standardize however flashlights are rated with the ANSI FL1 standards. within the FL1 standards there are three different ways now that light output is measured. The 3 ways are a light Output that is measured in Lumens, Beam Distance that is measured in meters and measures the distance a beam will be travel before it reaches zero.25 lux that is that the brightness of the complete moon on clear night. last is Peak Beam Intensity that is measured in candela and tells the brightest point of the beam.

ANSI FL1 a standard Peak Beam IntensityANSI FL1 astandard Beam DistanceANSI FL1 standard light OutputTo determine the brightest electric lamp we tend to selected to use the general light-weight Output mensuration of Lumens. each the Beam Distance and therefore the Peak Beam Intensity are often greatly modified supported the angle and size of the reflector that's used. Lumens may be a simple level of the general light-weight output. thereupon same the electric lamp with the foremost Lumens won't essentially be the electric lamp which will shine the farthest. If you're specifically trying to find a electric lamp to shine a so much distance look into our throw electric lamp article. keep in mind that electric lamps square measure tools and once you square measure trying to find a flashlight you wish to 1st think about what you wish it to try and do. Some bright flashlights square measure too bright for a few jobs.

The very last thing to consider once looking at a the Lumen variety that a flashlight has is that FL1 standards live the quantity of sunshine that comes out of the front of the flashlight not the theoretical gamma hydroxybutyrate output of the led electrode. a number of the not as good flashlight makers can either utterly lie around the quantity of Lumens that their lights manufacture or they're going to state the utmost output of the led emitter as listed by the diode manufacturer. For this guide we solely use severally measured out the front Lumen measurements.

Types Of Flashlights considered

There are some differing kinds of light sources that may be utilized in flashlights. presently the most common lights are led emitters. Most older lights were incandescent which suggests that there's a metal filament that heats up and produces light, most of those aren't as bright because the current generation of super bright led emitters and that they aren't as sturdy therefore we tend to didn't use any of those flashlights. The third sort are HID lights that stands for high Intensity Discharge. These bulbs have gas cornered in an exceedingly quartz capsule and once electricity passes through it the gas lights up. If you wish more specific info regarding HID bulbs check here. the sole reason we tend to didn't think about HID flashlights is because they're very expensive, the cheapest quality HID flashlights begin around $300. With all that said this article is totally created of led flashlights.


Brightest flashlight By Battery
Brightest AAA/10440 flashlight

There are several reasons why you would possibly need a flashlight that runs on AAA batteries. the main 2 are that the batteries are simple to search out which they're also very small,. Most manufacturers don't suggest the utilization of 10440 batteries in AAA lights and indeed therefore truly say it's dangerous. A AAA alkaline battery can run at 1.5 Volts whereas a 10440 Li-ion battery is 3.6 Volts. If your flashlight will handle the power of the 10440 battery it'll have a significant boost in its Lumen output. Before you get some 10440 batteries look into candle power forums to examine what others have experienced with a similar flashlight that you simply have.

Since you're trying to find the brightest flashlight you would possibly even be inquisitive about some batteries to travel thereupon new flashlight. Here are our recommendations for AAA size batteries. 1st decide if you're planning to come with rechargeable or non-rechargeable (primary) batteries. For reversible batteries during this size the simplest battery far and away is that the Eneloop AAA Ni-MH and as long as you're spending money on smart batteries you must even have a decent charger. For Ni-MH batteries we tend to just like the La racket BC-700. This charge is prime quality, simple to use, and works with AA and AAA batteries. If get a less expensive charger the most factor is to create positive that it charges every battery severally and not in pairs. For primary (non-rechargeable) batteries the simplest square measure the Energizer L92 metal batteries, to not be confused with Li-ion these aren't reversible. The L92’s square measure all around superior to plain base-forming batteries.

1-SureFire Titan Ultra-Compact LED Keychain Light Series

The SureFire Titan plus is AN improvement over the Original, SureFire Titan. The Surefire Titan plus improves the convenience and a functionality of the original SureFire Titan. With the SureFire Titan plus, users can get double the {maximum|the utmost|the most} output with the lights ability to emit a maximum of three hundred lumens. The ultra-compact light offers 3 brightness levels for choose from. The high-performance led, is paired with a specially-developed reflector to produce a perfect MaxVision Beam. The MaxVision Beam could be a swish and wide beam that's evenly dispersed creating it ideal for close-range activities.

Powering the light on and off or switching between brightness levels is completed by twisting the head switch counterclockwise for low output or to activate the light. to switch to a higher output you want to rotate the switch clockwise and so counterclockwise once more inside one second. The virtually indestructible light offers a nickel-plated brass body with a heavy-duty removable pocket clip. The tail cap offers a key-ring attachment as a secondary carrying option. The SureFire Titan and is high-powered by one AAA NiMH rechargeable battery, however may also be powered by one disposable AAA alkaline battery.


Extremely compact
Removable pocket clip
Weather resistant


No lockout mode


Weight: 2 oz. without battery
Dimensions: 3.375 inches long and 0.58-inch diameter
Lowest Setting: 15 lumens for seven hours
Highest Setting: three hundred lumens for 1 hour

2-Klarus Mi7 CREE

The Klarus Mi7 also referred to as the Mini-Might Illumination AA flashlight is small and {lightweight|and light-weight} making it ideal for AN everyday carry light. The Klarus Mi7 options a CREE XP-L HI V3 led that can emit a maximum of 330 lumens using single AA battery. The Mi7 may also use Li-Ion 14500 batteries, which can increase the a maximum lumen output to 700 lumens for fifty three minutes. With the Klarus Mi7, users will expect a smooth and steady beam with no flicker because the light uses a constant current circuit instead of a PWM dimming circuit.

The Klarus Mi7 is controlled via a click style side switch. The switch provides access to 3 main brightness levels, and a strobe and SOS mode. The aspect switch allows for one-touch access to each high and moonlight modes. A battery capability indicator lightweight is additionally controlled with the side switch. what quantity battery power is left can rely on what number times the light flashes. If using a rechargeable batteries the over-discharge protection can automatically lower the output level pro re nata to protect the batteries. A lockout mode prevents accidental activation of {the light|the sunshine} and also the IPX-8 rating makes it an acceptable light for any condition.


Tail standability
One a touch access
Multiple battery options


Unlocks simply


Weight: 0.93 oz. without battery
Dimensions: 3.43 inches long and 0.75-inch diameter
Lowest Output: five lumens for forty hours
Highest Output: 330 lumens for fifty five minutes

3-Thrunite Archer 2A V3

The updated version of the Thrunite Archer 2A V2, the Thrunite Archers 2A V3 offers many improvements with the same amazing options. The updated version uses a cool white CREE XP-L V6 LED to emit a -maximum of five hundred lumens with a maximum beam distance of 161m. For those of you that don’t just like the cool white beam, ,the exact same light is available with a neutral white light. The CREE XP-L V6 LED is paired with high-efficiency emitters to provide a wonderful beam pattern with good overall visibility to allow The light to be used for numerous applications.

The Thrunite Archer 2A V3 uses a two-button interface. The facet button permits users to cycle through four brightness modes plus strobe. The tail switch powers the light and activates the momentary on mode. The Thrunite Archer 2A V3 offers mode memory that the light can turn on within the last mode used. made from aerospace grade aluminum with a kind III military-spec finish the Thrunite Archer 2A V3 is impact resistant up to 1m ANd offers an IPX-8 rating.


Moonlight Mode
Momentary on
Memory mode


Clip position can be better


Weight: 1.70 oz without battery
Dimensions: 6.10 inches long and 0.87-inch diameter
Lowest Setting: 0.2 lumens for 28 days
Highest Setting: five hundred lumens for ninety six minutes

4-1 x CR123A Brightest Olight S1R Turbo S

The Olight S1R Turbo S pairs a CREE XM-L2 LED with a TIR-optic lens to produce the most effective beam with a high transmission rate. The Olight S1R Turbo S appearance just like all of the other Olight lights within the BATON series because it features AN anti-roll design with a flat magnetic tailcap. The magnetic tailcap allows all users a hands-free possibility because the light-weight are often safely secured to numerous metal surfaces. The rechargeable Olight S1R Turbo S comes with AN RCR123A battery that's able to be charged via the magnetic contact charging port with the magnetic charging cable that comes included with the light. The Olight S1R Turbo S can be powered by an other batteries, including the CR123, only the RCR123A are often charged via the charging port.

The Olight S1R Turbo S offers 5 different brightness levels starting from as high as 900 lumens all the method right down to zero.5 lumens. the light additionally features a strobe light mode for emergencies. whenever the Olight S1R Turbo S is steam-powered on the light comes on gradually thus as to not blind the user from the sudden brightness changes. the light also will gradually increase or decrease because the brightness levels ar changed to provide the users eyes time to adjust to the different output levels. The Olight S1R Turbo S is operated through a simple to use side switch.


Multiple battery options.
Lockout mode


Clip position could be better.


Weight: 1.27 oz without a batteries
Dimensions: 2.6 inches long and 0.83-inch diameter
Lowest Setting: zero.5 lumens for fifteen days
Highest Setting: 900 lumens for half-hour

5- 1 X 18650 Flood Zebralight SC600f MKIV Plus

The Zebralight SC600f MKIV plus uses a CREE XHP50 Cool White led with a CRI of seventy and a maximum output of 1800 lumens. The Zebralight SC600f MK IV plus pairs it Cool White LED with a frosted lens to produce a flood beam with a 90-degree beam spreed,. steam-powered by one 18650 battery, that isn't enclosed with the light, the Zebralight SC600f MK IV plus offers a smart user interface that's controlled via AN electronic soft-touch switch.

With the Zebralight SC600f MK IV and users have the choice of 3 main brightness levels, plus a strobe and beacon mode. The 3 main brightness levels may also be more programmed to produce more futures. the highest brightness levels provide a programmable inflammatory disease thermal regulated output to stop injury from overheating. The Zebralight SC600f MK IV plus offers A battery indicator light that may flash a specified number of times supported the current battery power level. to help a conserve battery life the light automatically steps right down to lower levels because the battery starts to run low.


Tail standing
Battery indicator


User interface takes some getting used to


Weight: 2.26 oz without a battery
Dimensions: 3.8 inches long and 1.2-inch diameter
Lowest Setting: 0.2 lumens for 15.5 days
Highest Setting: 2260 lumens for 2.3 hours

Unfortunately there ar many lists of "brightest flashlights" on the web nowadays. However, many of these lists ar written by those that know nothing about flashlights! actually, many of those people don't even own a flashlight. therefore i am going to do my best possible to assist you with real data. i have been active on electric lamp forums since 2009.. (check out my ‘About Page’), I even have owned well over one hundred flashlights in this time. I presently own a few dozen. I hope to give you some real insight with many in-depth reviews covering every kind of flashlights. Please ignore my non-native English, because, i am actually Dutch.. ; --)
Some of those on the list I even have reviewed already, to those I additional a link to the review.

Well, we tend to begin with a little aaa light outputting a mere one hundred lumens, so go up to massive 8*18650 lights outputting 50k+ hot lumens, to even lights throwing way into the night at overflow 2000m. From a little Cree XP-G led, to an large twelve XHP70.2s, there’s a vast array of selection from small and pocket-size, to dangerous and absolute overkill. Here, we tend to are on the edge of technology, efficiency, and most conspicuously, power. Let’s begin on the subject at hand now: high power flashlights!

The ones listed below are separated into categories. each category is divided into a Budget, Medium Budget and Premium priced flashlight. This list includes the brightest flashlights available in 2018, however it's not restricted to the current production year alone! as a result of in some areas nothing has surpassed the brightest lights of previous years.

The list are updated once there are brighter flashlights available throughout the year.

THE BRIGHTEST led flashlight in the WORLD?
2018 has been a crazy year, with the release of the many new flashlights on top of 20,000 lumens. because the few that reached the highest are similar in real output, i believed it would be higher to post a top 5! The 32,000 Lumen DX80 is surpassed by the 32,500 X80GT, that I feel could be a very little lame... However, those numbers are simply on paper, so i made a decision to make this list of the highest five brightest led flashlights!

THE BRIGHTEST led flashlight in the WORLD

Best 5 led flashlight 2019

2019 has been a crazy year, with the release of the many new flashlights on top of 20,000 lumens. because the few that reached the highest ar similar in real output, i believed it would be higher to post a top 5! The 32,000 Lumen DX80 is surpassed by the 32,500 X80GT, that I feel could be a very little lame... However, those numbers are simply on paper, so i made a decision to make this list of the highest five brightest led flashlights!

1-Acebeam X80

25000 lumens (The brightest torch of 2017)
Weight: 330 grams
117 mm length 65mm head military intelligence, and 49mm body DIA.
The Acebeam X80 used to be the most effective in its class, however it's since been surpassed by the numberthree (Imalent DX80).

The lowest output on this unhealthy boy is eighty lumens, and on paper it can run fifty two hours on a set of batteries. sadly i do not own this one to check it, but 25,000 Lumens is still extremely bright, and might still be suggested.

2-Acebeam X80-GT Flashlight 18 CREE

32500 lumens (Just five hundred over the Imalent DX80... probably done to claim the title)
330 grams WITHOUT batteries
118 mm length, 65mm head DIA, and 49mm body DIA.
1 minute Turbo timer...
The Acebeam X80-GT is that the newest version within the X80 lineup. And it also has the best lumen rating, with a manufacturer claim of 32500lm. this means that it has five hundred lumens more than the previous “King of Lumens,” the Imalent DX80. On paper the X80-GT is presently additionally not the brightest stock led flashlight anymore. The package includes four high drain Acebeam cells, and Acebeam even claims it will be submerged in water up to thirtymeters deep. that's a bold claim.

3-IMALENT MS12 53000 Lumen Flashlight

Pre-order it currently, maybe
Claiming 52,000 lumens
XHP seventy LEDs {brightest single LED chip available for flashlights}
8x 20700 non-replaceable battery pack
Possesses internal active cooling
This one was recently announcedand can have a Turbo mode reaching a blinding 52,000 lumens. That numberalone is ridiculous! Keep an eye on the web site for availability, as i'll post links thereto when in stockand canhopefully be able to review the MS12 or the Acebeam X70 mentioned below. maybe luck can strike and I’ll get to review each in a} very detailed manner. It's presently out there at banggood with promo code MS12M. consider the special deal at Banggood for Black Friday-Cyber monday here


4-Acebeam X70 60,000 Lumens High Power

1130 meters throw with the extra installed XHP35-HI led
Built-in cooling fans with the handle
8x18650 non-replaceable battery pack
External active cooling
Not several flashlights have external fans to cool down the light, the primary one actually. Power output is comically high, therefore heat management is crucial. Besides having a huge flood beam, or flood, it can evenilluminate objects as so much as one thousand meters (0,6 miles throw) with the small XHP35-HI led and deep reflector. once this beast becomes available, it'll be the brightest electric lamp manufactured in 2018 and blinds its competition...

This, hopefully, can return to my desk for flasholic and scientific testing of the light.. this can be not a light for one-handed use, and output on max can surely have a step-down, though actively cooling it'll help a lot.

Both of those lights ar monsters, and that i would only suggest them to the foremost knowledgeable and careful individuals, on those with deep pockets. Outputting 40k+ lumens of lights is extraordinarily dangerous to the high power output, which, not like other lights, can't only burn materials, however can actually cause fires if mishandled properly. more power to you if you have got the responsibility and money to get it.

The best backpack flashlight

The best backpack flashlight

If you planning to camp or hike at night, then you need The best backpack flashlight .

you can't imagine what amount of activities you can do with your empty hand, just clip it to your shoulder and leave your hands free.

The Best Backpack Flashlight

1-Life Mounts Led Tactical


300 Lumen

CREE LED Light with 3 Modes: High, Low, and Strobe

The Battery

1 AA batteries required.

operates on one AA battery and can be seen for over 1,000 feet.

  • Durable, Weatherproof Silicone Rubber Mount with Easy-to-Use Attachment Straps


3.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches


1- Its cheap, but works great as a strap light for any pack.

2- Great Light for the price
3- Magnify ability
4- handless strap.

5- Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee!


1- It did not come with a battery.

2- Nicorn N7


600 lumens


The Battery

single AA battery (become 250 lumens)

or a 14500 rechargeable battery.(become 600 lumens)

(Not including Batteries )

90 DEGREE ROTATE & MAGNETIC TAIL CAP Mini Size and steel body clip

4 Useful Settings (High – Low - Strobe - SOS)


4.4 x 0.8 x 0.8 inches

Item Weight : 1.92 ounces


1- Nice little light.

2- Magnetic base is strong and works great.

3- Waterproof.


3- Nacatin led


1500 Lumens

The Battery

18650 Li-ion Battery (included)


5.7 x 2.3 x 2 inches


1- small enough to be held comfortably and even slipped in your pocket.

2- Very good light.


1- It has a plastic lenses.

4- Fenix MC11


155 Lumens 

The Battery

1 AA batteries

Cree XP-G2 R5 LED

Three modes of operation

High: 105 Lumens (Ni-MH Battery: 2 hours 15 min; Alkaline Battery: 1 hour 40 min.)
Mid: 50 Lumens (Ni-MH Battery: 6 hours; Alkaline Battery: 4 hours 45 min.)
Low: 3 Lumens (Ni-MH Battery: 90 hours; Alkaline Battery: 100 hours)


8 x 2 x 5 inches ; 2.4 ounces


1- This is a nice little hand light and the clip is handy too.

2- Aluminum alloy has the premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.