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Best Pen Lights

Why do you need  The best pen lights ?

pen lights are very useful for everyone on the daily routine. It's not only foe professional people or s specific work like doctors, but it also could be very useful in a lot of situations the same as hand flashlight .

So I am going to recommend the best pen lights for you in the market.

At first, I need to tell you that pen light is a kind of hand-flash light but it is a smaller, and it looks like the normal pen.

I think that the pen light is more popular than the normal flashlight, because of many things such as the design and you can hold it easily or keep it in your pocket.

I have to advice you , If you are a professional person or not, when you are going to choose one. The best pen light must have got :

1- Good Brightness :

You need to have pen light has a good brightness to give you enough illumination and help you well in the darkness or in case of you are going to search for something . So the pen light has to be more than 100 lumens and it should be white lighting. and you can use the pen light also for self-defense by using a high powered flash light . A high powered flash light may cause of permanent  blindness when you direct it to eyes.

2- Good Size :

You have to choose one which can fit in your pocket easily or in your hand bag.

The weight should also be light, The best weight 19 grams, and the best length is 4.45 inches.

Finally, You have to choose penlight that is powered by a double A or triple A battery. These kinds of batteries can provide low to high lighting and it's actually perfect for a pen light.

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