Worlds Brightest Pocket Flashlight!

Worlds Brightest Pocket Flashlight!

Brightest Flashlight 1024x576 - Worlds Brightest Pocket Flashlight!

Right now some of you are thinking, here we go again another world’s brightest, or world’s best. Those words we get kicked around a lot on the internet.

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We hear that all the time, but I assure you the O light x7 Marauder is something very different. Let’s just classify world’s brightest flashlight for a minute. I’m not in any way boasting, but these hands handle a lot of flashlights, but of all of those flashlights they have never held a smaller more compact powerhouse than the light x7. This tiny powerhouse delivers its factory rated 9000 out the front lumens. You might say that I’ve seen plenty of flashlights that say they have a higher output than that,

There are manufacturers building legitimate lights that output more than 9,000 lumens, but could you do this with one of those lights? How about this? Or even this?

Okay maybe not that all i’m saying is none of those lights have the portability at 9,000 lumens that the Olight x7 Marauder has so how about the user interface once again we’ve got the Olight one click on 1-click off UI however this time we have a total of seven modes from the on position we can press and hold

the switch will cycle are low medium high low medium high and when you find the one you want you let off but we also have a turbo and a Turbo S mode which can be accessed with a double click and then a double click again that gives you your maximum output of 9,000 lumens death the light does have a mode memory but turbo and Turbo S are not memorized to access the firefly mode you simply press and hold to access the strobe you can do three fast clicks for me position light also has a lockout if you press and hold the firefly comes on continue to press

and hold for just a few seconds that will walk out the switch function to gain access again you just press and hold wait a few seconds and then you’re back in business it does not have the mechanical lock out you can unscrew the tailcap but it’s still accessible that way it’s powered by 4 18650 lithium-ion batteries these cells need to be capable of a discharge of at least 8 amps one great thing about this too is it doesn’t just rely on large pcbs like some of the cheap flights they just have one great big PCB in there and the cells slide around on it they have good high-quality contacts and there’s really no way that you could get this wrong as long as you get

the batteries in the right direction there’s a couple of pins here that you can see this swivels and these pins will line up in the holes right there looking down the barrel you can see we have three Cree xhp 70 leds highlighted with this attractive blue ring and shrouded with a really good orange peel aluminum reflector that eliminates all of the articles and dark crosses that are associated with the four diameter

the beam of the Olight x7 is velvety soft on a white wall and even better once you get outside it has a bright Center but I almost hesitate to call it a hot spot because itself even spread and blends well with this spill but it’s also got range too 313 meters is the calculated beam distance from this life and it feels that way when you’re using it I’d like to hear what you guys thing.


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