Worlds brightest flashlight 10,000 Lumens

Nitebeam X12 10,000 Lumens Worlds brightest flashlight Review


Best flashlight 1024x576 - Worlds brightest flashlight 10,000 Lumensthe Nitebeam X12 10,000 Lumens worlds brightest flashlight is an exciting new tech product is this ten thousand lumens flashlight, and I wanted to talk about these features and performance. 

First, let’s check the worlds brightest flashlight itself. The Design quality seems to be great because made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and the in-hand feel is excellent since it has a textured surface and produces an excellent grip. 

The flashlight has a variable zoom level, which can zoom in or out by rotating the flashlight head.

The top here and bottom have a multi-function power switch, which also acts as a toggle switch between the five modes. 

The strap is attached to the flashlight to wrap it around so that it doesn’t fall. 

The world’s brightest flashlight battery should insert the battery by rotating the bottom of the flashlight, where we can find the battery compartment moving onto the battery.


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Nitebeam X12 10,000 Lumens Worlds brightest flashlight Brightness

Powerful Brightness Rechargeable Flashlight Utilizes 12pcs OSRAM LEDs to get strong brightness with a compact size of 4.63 ” (length) x 2.03 ” (head diameter). With six modes to switch between and a strobe mode, it also has SOS mode available to meet different lighting requirements.

With one click, you can turn the flashlight on or off, and double-clicking gives you the Turbo mode, and after holding down, you can change the mode. And one click turns it off.

The worlds brightest flashlight contains built-in batteries and a USB Type-C charging port, easy to charge. You have to connect it to any USB power source. It will show you the charge level indicator when fully charged on the digital display, and you can quickly know the brightness mode and the battery charge level. When charging, the digital display will clearly show the charging status.

World’s brightest flashlight Nitebeam X12 uses 12 pcs OSRAM LED lights for three color temperatures: 3 warm white LEDs, it also has yellow rays, which is very useful in rain and fog. 9 lamps for white light. When you turn on 12 lights, it is bright in natural white

Super Bright LED Flashlight

Light Source: 9 pcs OSRAM 6500K LEDs and three pcs OSRAM 3000K LEDs

Brightness: 10,000 lumens Max. 

runtime: 12 hours Max. beam 

distance: 500 meters Peak beam 

intensity: 29500CD

Switch: Side switch Size: 116mm (Length) x 50.4mm (Head Diameter) x 44.5mm (Tube Diameter) 

Weight: 384g(13.6oz) w/ battery

USB Type-C rechargeable

Digital Display content as below

When turning on, the digital display screen will show the mode number shortly for 1 second, then change to battery power symbol quickly.


The parameters mentioned above are approximate and may change between flashlights, batteries, and settings.

Brightness/modes(9 for full power, 1 for low power)

PX67 Waterproof Day and Night


The Pecenda B12 is a high-intensity lighting device and able of

causing eye damage, avoid flashing the light directly into the eyes.

and Place it out of the reach of children; keep away from children.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery, Rechargeable mobile phone


Please replace the O-rings if they are damaged after prolonged use and

regularly lubricate the O-rings to erode the rubber. Doing so will keep the flashlight adequately sealed against water.

Please clean your light’s contacts from time to time, wildly, if the light flickers or doesn’t light up.

If not used for a long time, please charge before use.


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