Orcatorch T20 980 lumen Tactical Flashlight Review

Orcatorch T20 980 lumen Tactical Flashlight Review

Orcatorch T20 980 1024x576 - Orcatorch T20 980 lumen Tactical Flashlight Review

Today’s review of the Orcatorch T20 980 lumen tactical flashlight.

Unboxing we have the flashlight 2x 18650 batteries lanyard holster spare o-rings cradle charger and the plug and play USB charger the light also comes with a removable tactical gripping and pocket click overall the look-and-feel is that of a premium light down the barrel

we have a Cree xml2 led smooth reflector stainless strike bezel and looks like AR-coated lens ounces minus the battery for the length of six and a quarter inches the Orcatorch t30 is a dual switch light the tailcap switches on and off and the next which changes modes there are four basic output levels moonlight low-high turbo since.

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the light is powered off and on by the tail switch will always come on in the mode that you last left in which is a nice function for a tactical flashlight it also has a strobe function which is accessed by a press and hold of the next which while the light is on a click from there is SOS and another click is back to the last mode and use strobe and SOS are not memorized the threads are smooth

and there are a lockout function times for me on this light would be that I wish the tail switch was an easier press it feels a bit stiff to me versus

other tactical flashlights that used the cradle charger it came with is has a bit of a cheap feel to them I kind of expected the same from the batteries however upon examining them I can see some red shrink under the brand wrapping coupled with the capacity rating of 2600 milliamp on the cells I suspect they may be Sanyo’s underneath the built-in charging system seems like the much better

of the two for this light to me, the t30 is factory rated for 980 lumens to the beam distance of 305 meters and using the Orcatorch brand cells in my setup the tested and a thousand and 65 out the front lumens at 30 seconds of run time to a beam of the Orcatorch T30 is soft and smooth with a nice tight round hotspot, the retail price on the package is $there will be a link in the description for purchase I’d love to hear what your impressions are does the Orcatorch have the qualities you look for in a tactical flashlight

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