MsForce Flashlight review – Dual Flashlight Kit L2Survive with Thatnub

MsForce Flashlight  review- Dual Flashlight Kit L2Survive with Thatnub

MsForce Flashlight review 1024x576 - MsForce Flashlight review -  Dual Flashlight Kit L2Survive with Thatnub

Hey guys end up here. Today we’re checking out this dual flashlight kit from M.S. force inside the box you get a user card battery charger two flashlights and three 18 650 lithium ion batteries.

We are going to start off with the smaller of the two. This is the A3 10 and this is a thousand lumen output. You can unscrew the vac pull out this which will allow you to put three triple-A batteries in to power of this light or with the sleeve here.


Use one 18 650 battery to power the light in the back.

We have an orange button which is your on off button. And if you have click it it will cycle through low medium high strobe and S.O.S. You can also zoom to get all of your light focused into one point which shoots out a little bit further or have a floodlight which will light up everything in a nearby area.   “”MsForce Brightest review””

The bigger of the two lights is it a three. And this is powered by two 18 650 batteries.

This will put out two thousand balloons of light. Operation is the same as the smaller light on cycled through the modes with 1/2 clicks. You can also zoom the light to pinpoint 2000 lumens into one spot or give you a floodlight for everywhere in the area.

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This light also comes with a belt clip and both flashlights come with those bubbled front here just in case you need to crack somebody in to charge these 18 650 batteries that give you this wall charger you have to push a little bit hard to get the batteries to seat all the way in that way you know they’re not going to come out when this light down here turns green you know they’re charged currently on Amazon this set is selling for less than twenty eight dollars which gives you two flashlights three lithium ion 18 650.


Fifteen hundred mil AMP our batteries a battery charger 18 650 spacer and a triple A adapter. So let’s take these lights outside shine them around throw me get some trees and see how well they perform.

It is dark thirty and we are outside. Let’s go ahead and. Try our thousand women light out. It’s gonna start off on the high end that lights up pretty much all of the are there. See the light off of the trees there just a little bit maybe even a hint off of the trees across the road there. But it’s in the sand there’s the pine pass. Trees you can see them light up pretty well and even the trees across the road there seem to light up OK. Go to medium. A little bit darker. But you can still see the whole yard there. You see off of the trees but it doesn’t really seem to add any more light. Than. Just with the naked eye. It’s until a little let go

And that is good enough for walking around zooming in some then we have the strobe. And as for us. Now let’s try the two thousand women line and that’s going to again start off on high. Doesn’t really seem. Any brighter than. The 1000 women line. But it still lights up the whole yard they’re zooming in. There is the pump house trees trees across the road. Everything out here in the yard. Put it down to. Medium. And low. Then we have strobe. And saw us. Back to high. Case and now we’ll try out the two lights. Together on bright zoomed in. Here’s a 1000 women. And here is the 2000 women the 1000 seems a little bit brighter. Let’s see 1000 trees 2000 olive trees. Across the road 1000 2000 about the same as the distance. Let’s. Zoom

Out. So there is a 2000. There is a 1000

So because they said that these flashlights are tactic cool. We are going to throw them against the tree like we do all of the tactical lights that we get. You guys know how this works across the yard. There is a tree way over there and we’re going to just throw it. Hope it hit some wood knocks around a little bit and lands. Do that a few times. See if they so work. So here goes the first one. Is Out

Right there.

Oh not even to the tree. Let’s try this. Well. OK well they both seem to be working let’s go get them. Here we go. Try to. Two thousand women

That’s a tree. Looks like it went on Strobel and 1000

And that one went to S.O.S.

Got a little bit true there. Well. Straight with us

MsForce Brightest review

As you can see both lights are still working. So I guess they will hold that for a little bit of torture. Well that’s all I have for this video. As always don’t forget to come read subscribe check us out on the Web site. We’ll see. He has an excellent.

Check Out with Amazon button 1024x235 - MsForce Flashlight review -  Dual Flashlight Kit L2Survive with Thatnub

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