Lumintop tool aa Flashlight Review

lumintop tool aa Flashlight Review

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 Why is lumintop tool aa amazing for most of your needs?

lumintop tool aa is small. It still throws a great light and ramps up from dim to bright. The tail cap button OR twist is excellent.

I also love the glow-in-the-dark rubber cap defused light. It seems like it will be a perfect tent light.

I am looking forward to trying this out on summer motorcycle touring. Very impressed so far.

So I love these lights. After buying the Tool AA, I purchased a Tool AAA and Worm AAA. All great.

I also bought some EBL Li-Ion batteries and a charger to see the high output. Also great. One thing that struck me is that all these single-cell lights had the same max runtime of about 28 hours regardless of AAA, AA(all types). The different batteries get different light outputs but nearly identical runtimes. That makes the Tool AAA pretty fantastic, except for the missing glowing defuser cap provided with the Tool AA.

I mostly use these on low and would prefer a low output for an even longer time when used with a super-capacity battery.

Lumintop tool aa Features

A partial answer is Tool AA 2.0. In a way, it’s backward. You get a longer 60-hour runtime with the Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries. They also added one more brightness level (four total) that is even more lumens than the original Tool AA. Identical form and features except they added a memory (and the extra high lumen level). I still really appreciate the lack of flashing modes!

The higher output is visibly brighter than, the older Tool AA. For my use, I almost always want to start with lower lumens, so memory isn’t a feature for me. I like the idea of getting more runtime at lower levels. For my use, they could shift the lumens down even further. My old 4Sevens moonlight half-lumen output is good enough to check your watch, navigate a path, see inside your tent, or take a close look at something. I would be happiest to see ultra-low & high modes work with the Li-Ion cell, with low-level runtimes approaching one week.

Lumen top is pretty much a larger version of the Lumintop Tool AAA. The brightness levels are very similar when using an alkaline battery.

The flashlight brightness levels for the AAA version are:

  1. 32 lumens (4 Hours)
  2. 5 lumens (60 Hours)
  3. 110 lumens (30 Minutes)

I have provided a table with these versions’ (AA) lumen output and duration. The AA version (the one I am reviewing) has almost the same brightness levels as the AAA version when using alkaline batteries. Using the 14500 allows the AA version to produce the stated lumens, which in my experience, seems right on spec. This small light puts out a very bright beam.

Lumintop tool aa Lumens

Lumen top becomes hot to very hot when using at highest (500+ lumens). As it heats up, your grip on the light will move back toward the tail cap. There is no step-down designed into this flashlight. It will dim as the battery runs low. I like this more than the “feature” built into some higher-end lights that run the light as long as possible, then go out.

The flashlight comes with a flat tail cap which is magnetic, lanyard, and a soft rubber or silicone light diffuser. The diffuser slips on and works well as a table/tent lantern. The beam is flood type with a perfect hot spot and even dispersion of light in the spill area. I cannot adjust the beam, but that is not an issue with this flashlight. The design of the shaft is perfect for its purpose.

The magnetic tail cap means the light changes to a twisty on/off/level changer. Shortens the length of the light by about 1/2″.

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 This makes it pleasant to use as a work light. Attach to the hood, engine block, heating duct, etc., and begin your work.

The three brightness levels are all at reasonable levels. The lowest setting is right for the middle of the night use. The middle setting is good for most services, and the turbo/highest setting is good for more distance and when more detail is needed. It uses a cool white beam which I do not mind or this flashlight’s intended uses.

There is no memory of this light. This is usually not an issue for non-tactical use. The standard tail cap is clicky-type. 

You can use half presses to switch to the various modes or turn it on and off to switch levels.

I also have the AAA version, which I use with a 10440 battery. The 10440 is NOT supported by Lumintop and will void the warranty. My AAA version no longer works with other types of batteries. I knew this is going in, but I wanted a small, very bright light to use for short periods. In return, get the desired HIGH output from the AAA version.

The AA version’s main benefit is longer run times at all levels using alkaline, NI-MH, 14500 batteries. This flexibility makes this light a real bargain.

I have dealt with their Customer Service for follow-up support (about accessories, not about problems with their lights), and they have been very responsive. They even sent me a magnetic tail cap FREE for a Lumintop Tool AAA model, which does not come standard with a magnetic tail cap. I mistakenly bought it instead of the version which comes with the magnetic tail cap.

The built, durability, and quality of the beam make this flashlight a must-have.

I tested the output on my calibrated Texas_Ace Lumen Tube.

With a Duracell AA:

  • Low 7 lm
  • Med 55 lm
  • High 90 lm

With a protected Evva 14500 (800mah):

  • Low 8 lm
  • Med 80 lm
  • High 450 lm

I recommend using a rechargeable 14500 due to the much higher output and then use a AA should you run out of juice and can’t recharge it. Either is fine, depending on your needs.

650 Lumens

The Cree XP-L emitter has a nice cool white beam with no blue in it. I like the color rendition it provides. Maybe it’s a bit between neutral white and cool white. There is the faintest yellow tint in the middle of the hotspot. It’s hard to notice anything but a white wall. Some people will probably not even see it. I wish all my cool white lights had this exact color.

The Battery

A single 14500 cell. Also, support the easy-to-get AA battery and provides max 60h runtime on low mode.

With Cree’s top-class XPL-HD LED(50000-hour lifespan), Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 could pump out up to non-diminishing 650-lumens brightness on high mode.


3.6 x 0.7 x 0.7 inches


  • military grade hard-anodized.
  • Excellent light with all the options I could want in one small package.
  • It has a lovely orange peel reflector and an AR-coated glass lens, a nice touch, especially for a light at this price point. Super bright on turbo mode! Six hundred fifty lumens from a single 14500!


The clip is OK. It isn’t too stiff but acceptable. 

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