Feyachi FL11 Tactical Flashlight Review

Feyachi FL11 Tactical Flashlight Review -Best Tactical flashlight 2019

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Why this flashlight is amazing as a tactical flashlight?

I have been looking for a good weapons light for some time now. One that is bright, works good, and comes with a rechargeable Battery System. Then I ran across this light. I could not beleive the price, and what all it came with. What a Awesome package you get here. The system comes with a 1200 Lumen Super Bright Flashlight. A Flashlight with a offset Picatinny Rail Mount. A Pressure switch, with a on, and off button, and push for on pad. Really slick design there, a two function pressure pad that just works great, like it should.

It also comes with 2, 18650 battiers and a Smart Charger. The charger is super nice, and has a charging light. That tells you when you are charged, and when the battery is charging. The light also comes with a hand Lanyard that is very nice. Comes with the allen wrench you need. I thought is was a super nice touch, the custom cut foam box it came in. A really nice touch that they did not have to do. But they did,

Once again a.. Company that cares about its Customers, and it shows. I have always bought from them for the Quality and attension to detail in everyone of their products. Back to the Light itself. It is super well made, and very Bright. Has a Great Hot Spot, and the right amount of light spill. You would expect to see in Bigger brands like Surefire, and so on.

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This light is just as good as the Higher priced brands. Top Notch all the way. I can tell you if you are thinking about buying this light, DO IT! You will be Happy that you did. I will be buying another one of This Flashlight setups, soon for my other Carry Rifle. Great Quality, Super Bright, Long Run Times, and a Second Battery that comes with it. On stand by for when its time to swap out the battery. What more could anyone ask for. One of my Best Buys on Amazon to date!

Overall it is a great light. Maybe a little on the large side for a smaller rifle or PDW. The mount is very well made and sturdy. Easy to mount and remove with a thumb screw on a standard Pic rail. Flashlight rests inside the mounting bracket. It secures well and doesn’t seem like it will come loose. The light is super bright, sure to distract or temporarily blind anyone in a self-defense situation.

The field of view of the light is good also. Very focused center beam and then a halo like glow larger beam. I like the way it is removable if you want to use it separate from your weapon. It came well packaged in a box with styrofoam cutouts for the pieces.

It came with 2 rechargeable batteries, a charger, the light, the mount and a pigtail connector with remote switch as well as the standard flashlight backend for on/off. If I had to knock off half a star it would be that there is no real way to mount the remote on/off to the weapon. Would be nice to include some double sided tape, but that is not that hard to add on. The other half star I would knock off would be for the size. It is a standard mini hand held flashlight. Dimensions are in the description. It works well on rifles, but could be smaller. I gave it 5 stars because I received it 1 day after I ordered! That and Feyachi’s customer service is outstanding.


1200 Lumens


1 x 18650 Lithium Battery(included)

  • SUPER BRIGHT – Up to 1200 Lumen when battery fully charged which is much brighter than most ordinary flashlights. 200m beam runs 4 hours. Perfect for hunting, cycling, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.
  • DURABLE PERFORMANCE – The body was made of high quality 6061T aluminum which makes the flashlight durable and shockproof. It has waterproof o-rings with the anti-abrasive coating so the flashlight can be used in the rainy day. (But DO NOT put it into the water for a long time).


14.6 ounces


– Super Bright
– Includeds 2 batteries
– Super stable on 5.56 ar-15

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Feyachi FL11 Tactical Flashlight Reviews

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