1000000 lumen flashlight, Discover this tactical flashlight

1000000 lumen flashlight – CAMTOA LED review

The reasons to keep the 1000000 lumen flashlight (CAMTOA LED Tactical Flashlight)

  1. Built-in advanced XHP90 LED chip, 100000 High Lumens Flashlight, quickly light up an entire room or focus on objects up to 1500 feet away!
  2. Has 7 lighting modes, 3 modes for main lighting(High/Low/Strobe) ; 4 modes for upgrade side lighting(High/Low/Red/Red Strobe).
  3. Zoom design, floodlight for ample area illumination, and spotlight for long-range observation.
  4. High heat dissipation, 
  5. Don’t worry about the heat when using the LED flashlight.
  6. Powered by 10000mAh rechargeable batteries, the new power output design makes our flashlight can be used as a power bank.
  7. Can use IPX6 waterproof tactical flashlight usually in any bad weather.

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Powerful Bright Flashlight

The Tactical Flashlight with XHP90 LED chip, an update for XHP70 LED Flashlight, with a maximum output of up to 100000 lumens, quickly lights up a room or focuses on objects up to 1500 feet away!

Seven modes for different occasions

The rechargeable Flashlights with 7 Modes and Upgrade Side Lighting make it an essential emergency tool for camping, hiking, fishing, and home. The strobe light is for SOS function when you are in danger. Also, this LED flashlight has a power output function.

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Free your hands in night work

With an upgraded side work light, You can put the flashlight on the side and free your hands in night work.

Rechargeable and USB Power output

With a new power output design, the CAMTOA flashlight can be used as a power bank. As a result, you can charge in time when your mobile devices are running out of power outdoors.

Durable Tactical Flashlight with IPX6 Waterproof

High-strength aluminum alloy makes it wear and hit resistance; it can be used as a self-defense tool when you in danger. Water Resistant, enough for regular use on rainy days, also enables you to see clearly in any bad weather such as rain or snow. But please do not soak in water.

Upgrade 100000 mAh Battery

CAMOTA Tactical Flashlight is equipped with two 26650=100000 mAh batteries, can be used for 8-12 hours in different light modes. Suitable for various harsh environments, you don’t have to worry about running out of power after charging!


  1. For all XHP90 LED flashlights, the maximum output can reach 6000-100000 lumens. The flashlight LED provides intense light, so you don’t have to doubt the problem of lumens.
  2. The power must be turned off when charging. A slight temperature rise of the casing is regular.
  3. When not in use for a long time, please take out the battery.
  4. Generally, the battery stops emitting light at minus 20 degrees, so keep warm in the cold season.
  5. All our products are tested to the absolute highest quality and safety standards! If you are not satisfied, The Company support 100% return

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